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Ramarajya Kala Mela 

The art of music, dance and drama hold a certain power and a special attraction to people. Through them, one can bring about awareness even in illiterate people. This is a potent medium which instills in the audience, important messages while providing entertainment. The path of devotion has utilized this medium to a great extent. Many saints have sung or danced while filled with emotion. They did not formally study music or dance as an art or science. Yet their songs and dance were very effective.

Knowing the power of the medium of music and dance, Shri S. S. Ganapatrao Maharaj established Rama Rajya Kala Mela as part of Bharatiya Surajya Samsthe. Rama Rajya Kala Mela  is functioning under the able and competent leadership of Shri Shri Krishna Sampgaonkar. Having been trained and experienced at the National school of drama (NSD, Delhi), he has dedicated his entire life to the service of Shri S. S. Ganapatrao Maharaj. A resident of Shanti Kuteer Ashram, he has already become very popular through his artistic talents. He has displayed his talents in both individual- and group- music and dance performances. His performance in the costume of Swami Vivekananda and presentation of his famous Chicago speech has already become very popular.

The cultural programs of Rama Rajya Kala Mela have gained significant popularity in and around the district of Bijapur. Many public organizations are inviting Rama Rajya Kala Mela to conduct cultural programs as part of their events. Rama Rajya Kala Mela is popularly known as a troupe that presents programs of an uplifting nature in good taste and in a powerful way. The speciality of Rama Rajya Kala Mela is to present programs that one will want to watch and hear again and again, and feels joyous whenever one remembers it. Recently this group is involved in showcasing events on Swami Vivekananda With Utthishta Jagruta Concept to take thru Vivekanand's life and journey using songs and mono-acting plays.

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