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Shantikuteer Kannur awarded Rajyotsava Award for Year 2014

The Government of Karnataka every year recognizes people and organizations in various streams in the society on November 1st on Rajyotsava. For the year 2014 its an honour for Shantikuteer Kannur to get awarded Rajyotsava Award to Shantikuteer Ashram Kannur Bijapur under Organizations section. The award is towards Shree Samarth Sadguru Ganpatrao Maharaj Kannur, a great saint of mankind for his immense contribution to spirituality and non-dual Siddhanta.

Shri Ganpatrao Maharaj established Shantikuteer Ashram in kannur near bijapur and has preached advaita throughout his life. He has given innumerable pravachanas on the subject of self realization and adhyatma sadhana. The ashram boasts more than lakh of followers in Karnataka, Maharashtra and other parts of India. The Ashram is a place to do sadhana and has all required facilities for Sadhakas.

Honourable Shri Tambake received the award on behalf of Ashram. Its a great pleasure to share this news with all our visitors, disciples, followers.

|| Jai Sadguru||

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